[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have carved our credible name in minds of our satisfied and happy customers for their locksmithing needs on quality and commitment.  If you want to deal your locks with love choose the finest services in the market.  Kadima Locksmith is a Houzz of the certified, qualified and professional team who are always at the service of the people of North Palm Beach, Florida and the area around with covering every State of the US. We also help our customers in selecting the perfect security systems for their houses, offices, lockers,  properties, valuable assets, any other purpose and assist them to maintain their locks and keys in amicable condition.
Our consultation is free!

Residential LockSmiths

To protect our homes is our right and need! To serve this objective we all need the best security systems that can meet our protection and safety requirements. At Kadima Locksmith Services we have a wide variety of different types of locks of all reliable brands from which you can easily choose which will satisfy your need and will meet your pocket too. We offer turnkey solutions for all your residential lock needs to save you from any hassle and pressure.

Commercial LockSmiths

With time, because of inventions, security threats rise so locking needs too. In modern times Commercial security needs are complex, advanced and digitalised, can be fulfilled only by advanced and well-equipped companies. Kadima Locksmith Service is one of the leading names in the market who been serving its commercial clients for many years with excellence.
We can meet the expectations for their protection of all our industrial and commercial clients with our high standards of services, superior materials and professionalism.

Lock & Key

Need to install, repair, replace, upgrade a lock or security system? You have reached the right place. Kadima Locksmith Services are the most reliable and trustworthy service for any Lock and Key Solution.  We maintain all the required tools, skills and experience to provide you with all types, makes, designs and kinds of Lock Systems that can meet your need of safety and security along with your budget.
You can call us for a full variety of locksmith services for your door, gate, windows, offices, residents with confidence!
Car Key Replacement /Car Lockout Services/Auto Locksmith
It is unlike that any issue with your car key and lock that you will have is not being solved by our experienced technicians. Our lock smithers are educated in the area of car locks and keys too. If you have misplaced, broken, lock the key inside the car no need to worry we are here to help you.  Kadima Locksmith’s repairman is smart and skilled enough to fix and solve any kind of car lock and key problem quickly and enable you to be back yourself into your car instantly.

Emergency Locksmith

Standing nervous, scratching your head in the parking lot of market, office, far from your house at the airport or anywhere because of misplaced keys don’t know where.  Immediately Contact our team to take you out of this terrifying situation.
We will be there in minimum time because of our GPS enabled feature and will rescue you!

Home Lockout Service

It’s not a big issue nowadays to get back into your house if have been locked out for any reason. But the considerable issue is to whom you can give access to your home lock who is reliable and credible, skilled and experienced will not damage the door and lock,  will not take the advantage of the situation. Rest assured Kadima Locksmith Service meets all these conditions. We accept the responsibility to take all precautionary measures to keep you away from facing any unexpected future issues with our reliable assistance.
By hiring our services you will be back on your property with the blank of your eye![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Locksmith North Palm Beach, Florida Zip Codes Served:
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